... to A Legend Reborn, fanlistings for the re-imagining of John Carpenter's classic, Halloween - the 2007 film released August 31st, 2007 - Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN, as well as its 2009 sequel, HALLOWEEN II.

Fanlisting updates
The Fanlisting is under The Fans link on the left. The fanlisting was last updated on 10th July 2024, and currently lists 66 fans, from 7 countries, with 0 fans pending. The fanbase is building at an average rate of 0.01 fans/day. Welcome to our newest fan(s): Kiara

If you're a Halloween fan, be sure to show your support for the movie(s) Halloween and/or Halloween II by grabbing a button if you own a site and adding your name to the world-wide list of fans! The fanlisting is a part of TFL.org.

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Halloween Fans

This site is an unofficial fansite and has no connection with the Halloween movies or its creators, cast, crew, costumes or anything else. We're just here to show the love for an awesome legend.