From acclaimed musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie ("The Devil's Rejects," "House of 1000 Corpses") comes an entirely new take on the highly successful and terrifying Halloween legacy that began in 1978. While revealing a new chapter in the established Michael Myers saga, the film will surprise both classic and modern horror fans with a departure from prior films in the Halloween franchise. Audiences should brace themselves for unprecedented fear as Zombie turns back time to uncover the making of a pathologically disturbed, even cursed child, named Michael Myers.

What we have to say:

This section will contain some spoilers, so if you haven't seen the original and/or the 2007 version yet and don't want to be spoiled, don't read on!

In the original, it was never made clear that Laurie was Michael's sister, because at the time, John Carpenter had no plans on making a sequel, so Michael Myers basically escaped from Smith's Grove after being locked up for fifteen years, for the brutal murder of his sister in 1963, when Michael was just six years old. Once he escaped, he came back home, though his motive for returning to Haddonfield, was unknown at the time. Dr. Loomis, his doctor, obviously came to that conclusion, for one reason or another, because he made the statement that he knew where Michael was headed.

On the morning of October 31st, 1978, Michael saw Laurie Strode, a seventeen year old teenager, when she came to drop off a key at the Myers house that her father (in Halloween II, we learn that this is her adoptive father, since Laurie was adopted by the Strodes after the horrific event on Halloween night in 1963) had given her, since he was a real estate agent and had an appointment later in the morning to show the home to prospective buyers, and it was from that point on that Michael started stalking her, and then later, her friends, as well. Laurie first spots him through the window at her highschool, as he stands across the street and behind the car he's stolen, (a state car from Smith's Grove that Dr. Loomis had been the passenger in, when he and nurse Marion Chambers, came to transport Michael to a new facility, now that he was an adult) then sees him again, as she and her two friends, Annie and Lynda, are walking home from school. It's not made clear if she makes the connection that this is the same person who had been watching her at school, since she doesn't mention anything to her friends, but the expression on her face when she sees the car come around the corner, may suggest that, and she is clearly concerned.


Evil Has A Destiny
When Darkness Fell, HE Arrived
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