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The scene in Jeepers Creepers where Darry and Trish spot The Creeper dumping bodies down the pipe and he turns to look at them as they drive by, giving a chill to the viewer, was improvised by actor Jonathan Breck (The Creeper) during the last take, when he wanted to "try something" different.

Actor Tom Tarantini appears in both Jeepers Creepers films. In the first film, he plays Austin McCoy, an inmate brought into the police station where The Creeper wreaks havoc, and in the second film, he plays Coach Dwayne Barnes, but the fact that he is in both films is never mentioned by the director or the cast, during commentary.

The sounds (ie. sniffing, gurgling) that The Creeper makes, are all performed by Jonathan Breck, without any technical enhancements.

Jonathan Breck (The Creeper) also doubles as one of the cops in the first Jeepers Creepers film.

Director Victor Salva plays a victim in the first Jeepers Creepers film, and in the second, he is briefly seen on the cover of a magazine laying on the floor of the bus, ala Hitchcock, during the scene when Rhonda shoves the javelin up through the roof to spear The Creeper, and save Bucky's life.

In Jeepers Creepers 2 when The Creeper throws the weapon to cripple the bus, actor Jonathan Breck was so sure he would miss the target, but instead his startling accuracy made the crewmen nervous when he nailed it right on the mark, with his very first attempt.

The following Trivia was submitted by Goss:

[from an interview]

In the filming of the scene in the first movie where the creeper is seen pulling a tongue out of a cop's severed head, the tongue kept snapping out of the head and hitting actor Jonathan Breck (creeper) in the face!

The Creature from the Black Lagoon was one of writer/director Victor Salva's favorite movies as a child (and LIKELY had some influence on the Creeper and his scenes)

When actor Jonathan Breck (The Creeper) had his completely white contact lenses on, he was almost totally blind. "It was like looking at everything through a plastic bag, you could see shadows and stuff..." In the scene in the first movie where the Creeper jumps onto the hood of Trish and Darry's impala, Jonathan Breck was acting completely blind due to the contacts. During the practice of that scene, his stunt double actually crashed through the side window and fractured a rib.

Notice: In Minxie's dream sequence in the second film, there are three scarecrows. There also happen to be three crucfixes in the bible during Jesus's crucifiction.